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Mrfixit Handyman Services was started in the beginning of 2018 after having a desire to offer handyman and home repair services. I have done many handyman and home repair related services over the years in and around my own home and those of family and friends. I also had many bad service providers at my home who never offered what they said they would and some even ran away with quite allot of my hard earned money, never to be seen or heard of again.

But to be fair there were many other very good service providers also over the years. I have also been both tenant and land lord on a few occasions having dealt with estate agents from a land lords point of view and having done repair work for some estate agents in the past also, so I understand land lords, tenants and estate agents points of views and I know people do not always agree but a middle ground can be found if people are willing. If not then I am just your repair-guy. You can rely on me to finish the job you paid for and do a proper job at that.

I am easy to get along with and I like people and understand the human side and concerns when it comes to repairing peoples homes. The same manners and quality workmanship that I repair my own home can be expected at your home. I also like to give feedback as work progresses so that you can have peace of mind that the work is really being done. To back this up I can provide a list of previous customers who can vouch for me and many of them are also repeat customers.

Remember that a handyman saves you time, he or she has experience in the repair field and many times there is a serious risk to injury if you want to be a cowboy and do many repairs yourself, many times alone. Risks like falling from roofs, electrical shocks or just starting and then realizing that you dont have the knowledge or experience to finish the job on your own.

We are in the industry all day so we have a database of other service providers which we also use for other jobs, so we can easily give you most add on services like plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc etc. A BIG NOTE ; Please believe me that a handyman does not automatically equal a person that can DO ALL JOBS, many is more likely to be true, but ALL JOBS I doubt. There is an old fashioned statement which is very true, jack of all trades, master of none or some. Rather phone me, lets have a coffee and discuss your needs, concerns and your budget and lets work together to help each other so that both can win.


Various Roof Repir Pics Ceiling Hole Repair Customer Staircase Burglar Bar
Various Roof Repir Pics Broken Tile Inlay at a courtyard door Waterleak underground repaiered
Window Replaced Damaged Door and Lock Replaced Smiling Ceiling
Sticking Broken Tiles back onto the floor Termite damage to bottom section of clothing cupboard Termite damage repaired to bottom section of clothing cupboard


We offer a full range of home repair and handyman services. You can think of our services as small to medium and some projects as large like roof sealing. We do not offer all home repair services since there are many others in the market who specialize in these fields and other repairs can become quite complex where you then need the services of a fully fledged building renovator or contractor or specialists i.e. Roof Trusses replacements and so on. The list below is not a complete list of our services, just a general guide. If you are not sure please just phone, whatsup or email us.

Work that we do

  1. Most minor roof and wall repairs and roof seal work including gutter repair/installs, replacing rotten wood pieces.
  2. Ceiling repairs/installs, new or existing
  3. Most Carpentry related work like cupboards, new doors and locks.
  4. Minor Plumbing work like leaking taps, toilets and pipes.
  5. Minor Electrical work like maintenance of plugs, db boards etc including troubleshooting electrical problems. Fan installs / C O C
  6. Minor plant trimming if part of the work i.e. cleaning out branches to get to the roof. But we charge a cost for this since it is time consuming.
  7. Metal/Wood Gate Installs, Repairs or moves
  8. Skirting Repairs / Replacement
  9. Carpentry Service to Broken or Damaged Doors, Cupboards including lock replacement.
  10. Many, many more, to much to list here.

Work that we don't do

  1. Most double story roof related roof repairs unless the roof is easily accessible
  2. Rubble removal/Yard cleanups/Garden Services/Tree felling
  3. NO PAINTING WORK OF ANY KIND EXCEPT WHERE WE REPLACED ITEMS i.e. WINDOWS, CEILINGS ETC. This field has become impossible to satisfy customers with.
  4. Aircons
  5. Paving, pallasade repairs or installs
  6. Carport/Lapa Installs
  7. Appliance Repair
  10. Carpet replacement
  11. Gerage door replacement or major repairs
  12. Any kind of re-upholstery work
  13. Tiling and Pre-cast Walls
  14. Sliding Door repairs/replacement
  15. Shower/ Bath Installs / Basin Installs


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